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Kane McHale logo
Kane McHale logo


Effective Conversations and Impactful Presentations: Kane McHale Associates elevate your impact, build your capability, grow your confidence.

Trusted by some great organisations

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Who are we

We do what we do, because it results in more effective organisations

We are Kane McHale Associates, a highly skilled team of communication coaches, facilitators, and business role players. Our tailored workshops lift the theory off the page, provide fresh insight, and embed new habits.

Angela and Tim in a session
Our services

Our world-class interactive workshops create lasting change

Quality communication matters. It’s central to developing and retaining talent, inspiring individuals, strengthening teams, and winning new business.

Our approach

At Kane McHale we’re passionate about the art of communication

We have over 20 years' experience developing people in organisations. Our clients tell us that they love working with us because:


We seek to fully understand your business, the learning needs and the delegates attending, to deliver sessions that hit the brief and engage participants.


Our sessions are enjoyable and fulfilling. We are experts in creating a fun and comfortable environment where everyone can express themselves freely.


Our workshops are transformative and unlock people’s full potential. We embed skills and build confidence to leave the biggest impact possible on participants.

What others say

Client Testimonials

" Reliable and flexible whatever we ask of them, Kane McHale never fail to deliver. Working with them is always a pleasure and the level of service is much more than ‘just a supplier’. "

Helen Greening 
Learning Manager, Willmott Dixon

" Thanks so much to both of you. We’re really happy we chose you to work with us on this important project. "

Sarah Redman
Training Manager, Eurostar

" Kane McHale provided JML with a first class training programme that made a very significant positive impact on our business. They were a pleasure to work with, highly professional, but great fun at the same time, and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending them. "

Ken Daly
Managing Director, JML
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer bespoke workshops?

All our programmes are tailored to your needs. Our process begins with a discovery conversation looking at the broader organisational context and your desired learning outcomes for your delegates.  We will often engage with several stakeholders before starting our design.  Even with our more standard programmes, where many elements are tried and tested, we still consult with you to ensure we have tailored our content and approach to suit your organisation and people.

Do you offer any "off-the-shelf" programmes?

Some of our programmes include a number of tried and tested elements. This means that we can efficiently and cost-effectively build a workshop for you that hits your brief, without requiring a lot of design work.  Our ‘Presentation Skills’ and ‘Feedback Skills’ workshops are good examples of this.

What methods do you use in your work?

We strongly believe that people learn best by engaging emotionally with the topic and actually practising the skills in question. As well as being experienced facilitators, we have backgrounds as actors and writers, so we combine this experience to create a blended learning approach which lifts the theory off the page.

In terms of specific methods, alongside user-friendly theory and group discussion, there are a couple of key techniques in our work:

Forum Theatre

This is a fantastic learning tool where participants watch a scene, played out by our team, showing an ineffective interaction. The scene is then replayed, with the participants coaching the central character, in stop-start fashion, until a more effective conversation is realised.


Central to all our work is providing opportunities for people to practise skills and embed new habits.  In our work around leading and managing others, we create a safe environment in very small groups to enable people to practise their challenging conversations.

On our presentation skills programmes, we build the key skills of body language, voice and content, piece by piece. 

Do you work internationally?

Yes, we do. We are based in the UK but have worked extensively around the globe. We have associates based outside the UK, many of whom speak other languages. We are currently delivering a programme for a global bank using associates based in Singapore and also have a contract running workshops in English and French for a European train company.

Do you run virtual programmes?

Yes, we do. Our preference is to work face-to-face where possible because we know this delivers the highest level of engagement and participation. That said, it is sometimes practical and effective for some of our work to be delivered online, especially as that now reflects the reality of many workplace interactions. Our ‘Conversation Clinics’, with individuals and small-groups, work particularly well virtually.

For some clients, we’ve harnessed the best of both worlds – delivering a face-to-face workshop, followed up by small-group conversation practice sessions online.

Do you make training videos and e-learning modules?

Yes, we do. We partner with a couple of excellent production companies to produce video materials and e-learning modules. We co-ordinate the whole process: from research and script-writing, through to casting, filming and editing. We have recently produced training videos for a global pharmaceutical company and created an e-learning module on feedback skills for a major UK charity.